The worst fear has come true, though the signs were there on Friday evening itself. Fan has gone down on Monday. The film collected only 6.05 crores more, which is a big fall from 19.2 crore that it had collected on Friday. With this, the film’s total stands at 58.40 crores.


The trending is not good since this is not the manner in which a Shah Rukh Khan film is expected to do. Such numbers on Wednesday or Thursday may still had been okay had Monday and Tuesday been in 12-13 crore range.

Shah Rukh Khan in a still from Fan
Shah Rukh Khan in a still from Fan

However, a dip like this so early in the weekdays is not healthy. It is quite clear now that the film hasn’t found universal appreciation and is working only in pockets.

The manner in which the film is performing, it now looks difficult for it to emerge at the top as far as the biggest Week One of 2016 is concerned. Airlift had collected 83.5 crore in its First Week while The Jungle Book collected 74.63 crore. While latter would be crossed, former looks some distance away.

That said, the collections are expected to stay stable today and tomorrow due to holiday [Mahaveer Jayanti] in some parts of the country.

Note: All collections as per production and distributor sources

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  1. Even in BOI is saying that this type of contend oriented flim should not do 20 cr business in day 1. No movie like this has ever done this much business . please stop spreading negative vibes. If Fan crossed 100 million it will be a milestone . Check the business of Black . Koimoi is pretty sorry because a movie without song dance did this much business . Fan is taking Hindi movie in right direction please appreciate.

    • “It will be a milestine if this kind of film fif business of 100 cr”? BARFI a far off beat movie did a business of 120 cr in 2012. It did not even star SRK or any other khan. so the result is there for you to see

    • what about Baby, Airlift, special 26 these were also great movie without typical bollywood masala and virtually no songs songs but did great business at BO

  2. over-hyped and media management ke din ab lad gaye… you cant fool public every time. Now the definite failure of Raees would put last nail on your coffin. Stop making shit and go and join congress. the actual place where u belong. the traitors group.

      • SRK is big supporter of Pakistani Cricketers & actors. Our great singer Lataji was not allowed to perform in Pakistan but in KKR , they have Akram as bowling coach. Precisely no Pakistan team would make Dravid, Laxman, Tendulkar etc as their batting coach.
        SRK and his frnd Aamir never made any movie like Nikah or premrog for woman cause

    • I second Shankar…bang on Shankar….good on you for coming out and saying this.
      Shahrukh…no actor in India has been given as much love and appreciation as you have received.
      To come out and say that India is intolerant is unacceptable.
      Just say that you dont like Narendra Modi and are uncomfortable with him being Prime Minister.
      Why the hell are you shaming the country?
      What rights do you have to shame the country?
      Eat your own shit now…

  3. Its real surprise that it had collected 6 cr. These kind of film should have rejected by Day 2 itself. Such a worst movie. try to make it emotional but its nothing more than a feel of drama. Some actors go on top and remain in top but this so called KK has reached at bottom again with CE, HNY, DILWALE and now FAN.


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