Dhoom 3 has still not ended its focus office run. At the conclusion of its 4th week, the film that was at 276.75 crores has managed to rake up 280.25 crores at the domestic box office.

Katrina Kaif and Aamir Khan in a still from Dhoom 3
Katrina Kaif and Aamir Khan in a still from Dhoom 3

Though the daunting 300 crore mark will be unattainable for the film as Salman Khan starrer Jai Ho will wipe Dhoom 3 off the market, the 280 crore mark is a challenge for any film that will release in near future. Salman’s fan following has remained advantageous for the box office performances of his film but it is yet to see whether it can match Dhoom 3’s lifetime run.

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  1. Congrats to Aamir for this record breaking collections. But even with the biggest brand in Bollywood and a top star, 300 crore barrier couldn’t be surpassed.
    300 crores will be made only if a film gets the appreciation and word of mouth that 3 idiots got.

  2. so true…
    280+ in india will be the next target for all biggies…
    be it srk or salman or hrithik…
    and again congo to aamir and dhoom 3 team…

  3. KING CHAMP- LOL, Jealous SRK fan, go get a life.Aamir Khan has 4 Movies in the Top 250 Movies Ever in the list issued by IMDb. 4 Oscar Nominations/Considerations. Couldnt Find so Called King Khan anywhere.Go Die, King ChampBest Movie of Bollywood- 3 Idiots.

    • @Ishaan,SRK Is King Who Ruling Bollywood Industry And I Am His Fan….And Best Movie Of Indian Cinema Is DDLJ…2nd. Bollywood Movie Along With Mother India To Be In The 1001 Movies That You Must See….Hahaha…Haters Shocks….

  4. I would request the people who loved dhoom 3 to watch it again as this is the last week before jai ho releases. Aamir is not given any of the unfair awards, at least he deserves all the box office success. I have seen dhoom 3 ten times already.

  5. Aamir is 1st to touch-
    100 crore
    125 crore
    150 crore
    175 crore
    200 crore
    225 crore
    250 crore
    only actor who have two 200 movies.
    First 2 highest grossing movies in overseas from Aamir.
    So raj tu yaha se bhi bhag.

  6. Salman Khan is THE BIGGEST STAR in Bollywood industry! SRK is good in oversies, but Aamir Khan is de BEST in everything and everywhere. P.S. SRK’s star power in charisma n sympathy of people, Aamir’s star power in hard works, acting, novation and respects of people, when Salman’s STAR Power in Brand of name SALMAN KHAN n 4 charity n big heart.


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