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The opening of last week’s releases has been worse than pathetic! Shows of some of the films had to be cancelled on the very day of release for want of audience. To blame the failure of Maalik Ek, Musaa – The Most Wanted, Nakshatra and Daayen Ya Baayen merely on the dull pre-Diwali days would be wrong because the dull days notwithstanding, the films themselves lacked merits to either draw the audience to the cinemas or keep them glued to their seats. Frankly, none of the aforementioned films had any face value to talk about. Then, on what basis did the producers of those films expect to attract the public to the cinemas? Did Deepak Balraaj Vij actually believe that people would flock to the theatres to watch Jackie Shroff play Sai Baba of Shirdi? As it is, mythological films are passé, what with so many quality mythological serials on television. On top of that, to expect the public to come to watch a mythological film with Jackie Shroff as the only ‘saleable’ name in its cast is nothing short of nonsense. The cast of Musaa – The Most Wanted also boasts of Jackie in the male lead – and one doesn’t need to say anything more about the guts of the producers and financiers of the film. Nakshatra has been made with newcomers, and the only recognisable faces in its cast are those of Milind Soman and Anupam Kher. Has Milind Soman ever had a hit to his credit that the makers of Nakshatra imagined, he would pull the audience to the cinemas to watch their film, that too, in the pre-Diwali week? As for Daayen Ya Baayen, it stars a bunch of rank newcomers with Deepak Dobriyal in the lead. That Deepak is a fine actor is alright, but there’s a difference between a good actor and a saleable actor – and Deepak is not saleable by any stretch of imagination. The common point between the four films is that they’ve been funded by new producers/ financiers. This means, it is very easy to makeasses out of newcomers and lure them into funding those proposals which nobody, with even a rudimentary knowledge of the film industry, would touch with a barge pole. What a waste of money, time and efforts!

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