The Friday gone by (August 27, 2010) saw a number of shows in single-screen cinemas as well as multiplexes being cancelled for want of audience. There were a record number of Hindi, dubbed Hindi and Marathi film releases on Friday but not even a single could command even a face-saving initial, let alone a respectable opening.

Last week’s release, Lafangey Parindey has done barely average business, not at all commensurate with the brand of Yash Raj Films. The Deepika Padukone-Neil Nitin Mukesh starrer’s total collections were Rs. 10,15,52,901 from 348 cinemas.

Amol Palekar’s …And Once Again (English) is a washout. The film, also released last week, managed a meager total collection of Rs. 2,17,882 from 24 cinemas. Karo Ya Maro Returns (dubbed) could not find appreciation. The dubbed version of Bitch Slap garnered a total Rs. 4,69,757 from 10 cinemas.

Aamir Khan’s Peepli Live has dropped a lot but it still managed shares from all the centres. The total net share from all sources combined will be double the investment! Peepli Live’s total collections in its second week were Rs. 3,27,67,486 from 239 cinemas.

Help (second week) has crashed further. Total collections Rs. 8,11,843 from 50 cinemas. Maut Ke Saudagar (dubbed version of The Expendables) managed to collect a total of Rs. 28,35,139 from 82 cinemas in its second week.

Sonam Kapoor’s Aisha managed a total collection Rs. 42,99,265 from 83 cinemas in its third week. Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai managed total collections of Rs. 1,20,90,196 from 188 cinemas in its fourth week.

No. Film Week Collection No. of Prints
Average per print
1 Lafangey Parindey 1st 10,15,52,901 348 2,91,819

Peepli Live

2nd 3,27,67,486 239 1,37,102
3 Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai 4th 1,20,90,196 188 64,310
4 Aisha 3rd 42,99,265 83 51,798
5 Maut Ke Saudagar (dubbed) 2nd 28,35,139 82 34,575
6 Help 2nd 8,11,843 50 16,237

India Box Office Collections for the week of August 20 – August 26, 2010 (All figures in Rs.)

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