As expected, Race 3 fell big time in the second week as only 25 crores* came in. This is more than 80% fall if one compares this with the first week numbers of 144 crores. Frankly though, one would have expected even lesser numbers given the kind of word of mouth that the film had seen and the bashing that it had received. There were signs that the film won’t collect more than 15-20 crore in the second week and hence even 25 crores* seems better than expected.


The film’s collections currently stand at 169 crores* and now with Sanju occupying almost all the premium screens (with a huge overall count of 4000), Race 3 is pretty much out of contention. The film would cross 175 crores for sure which allows it an Above Average tag. However it has to be seen if by some luck the number could well reach the 180 crore mark as well.

Box Office - Race 3 falls more than 80% in second week
Box Office Collections: Race 3 Falls More Than 80% In Second Week


There are talks of Race 4 being made with Salman Khan returning in the franchise. If that turns out to be the case, it would be quite surprising since the superstar wasn’t really in his elements in Race 3 and hence for him to make a comeback in the fourth installment would be a wishful thinking actually.

In any case, there has been a difference of half a decade each between Race/Race 2 and then Race 2/Race 3. While Race was a loved film and Race 2 was also accepted, Race 3 has been panned. Hence for Race 4 to take off, one can well expect the makers to either go back to Saif/Abbas-Mastan combination or do something radically different.

*Estimates. Final numbers awaited

Note: All collections as per production and distribution sources




  1. Next Race should be with Tiger and Vidyut!! Explosive action with an awesome storyline!! Not with old talentless guys like Sallu. Abbas-Mustan should direct…not some choreographer who knows nothing about direction.


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