If today, you ask any budding directors about their inspiration from the film industry, you would get an answer called ‘Rajkumar Hirani’. He is easily one of the most sought after directors in India today and actors who get an opportunity to work with him, find themselves obliged enough to be a part of his ventures.


What is it that makes Hirani a powerful film maker? Well, the director has so far given us films that have the most simplistic stories and mind you it is strongly the content and his eye for detailing that makes his stories worth watching.

Rajkumar Hirani at an event
Rajkumar Hirani at an event

After debuting into direction with Munnabhai MBBS in 2003, the director gave Sanjay Dutt one of his most career defining roles and also Arshad Warsi a significant identity of Circuit. The film was a commercial success and what made this story so special was the relatable characters minus the glossy quotient. The director once again showed his brilliance in capturing human emotions with his second film and sequel in the Munnabhai series with Lage Raho Munnabhai.

It’s a rarity to find such human connect in films but Rajkumar Hirani made sure that his films sell on the emotional quotient more than its star cast. The last film that the director presented us with was 3 Idiots and what can we say, it was a perfect combo of all the necessary elements to create cinema. Hirani’s films are more than ‘just films’ they preach, entertain and are thought-provoking, exactly what cinema should be. 3 Idiots made an amazing business of 202 crores and with his next PK coming up this week, we expect much more.

PK starring Aamir Khan has an unusual storyline and adding his special touch, the director this time experiments with language too as PK will speak ‘Bhojpuri’. This Christmas release may be Hirani’s next masterpiece and we can’t wait to unfold this film.

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