18th December – The BIG DAY! Is it Bajirao Mastani v/s Dilwale? Or is it Bajirao Mastani and Dilwale?

Time and again, when two films clash, it is always the case of one being pitched over the other. Camps are formed, debates are kick-started and verdicts are announced. Well, all of that even before the first show of the film has commenced. Everyone joins the party, especially those who are not connected to either of the two films.

Be it the man on the street or those from the industry, everyone is seemingly an expert in announcing the eventual fate of the film. There are those who have good knowledge of how the trade functions. There are many who have no clue about how the audience functions.

Bajirao Mastani And Dilwale Movie Poster
Bajirao Mastani And Dilwale Movie Poster

This is where the big disconnect happens!

The emergence of social media in a big way also means that there is entertainment galore with every passing day. Ever since it became crystal clear (almost 6 weeks back) that neither Sanjay Leela Bhansali nor Shah Rukh Khan were backing out of the 18th December D-Day, it became a matter of ‘versus’ for everyone. Past records have been brought out of the closet, current standing of the cast involved is being discussion, future state of the eventual outcome is being debated. Everyone has a view, and no one wants to be left out of the conversation.

My point is – Why not let both films breathe easy? Why can’t there be two winners? Why do we have to adjudge one film over the other and enjoy the rise and mock over the downfall of the other?

As a true Hindi film fan, there is no better joy than to have two solid entertainers running next to each other and audience picking up both for an enjoyable viewing. Bajirao Mastani is clearly a magnum opus in the making with Ranveer Singh, Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra. Dilwale is a perfect mix of romance, action, music and drama with Rohit Shetty running the show. Both films are as different from each other as one would have imagined and with three open weeks available for them, the audience too has a lot on its platter to enjoy and relish.

In true terms – this is ‘achche din’ for all involved. Let’s not count the crores and instead be happy with getting our money’s worth. That would be the true gift to ourselves for the films that we love to watch in screens!

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