Any pre-release reports of next week’s release, ‘Dabangg’?

Salman Khan, Eid festival, hit music, mass-appealing trailers, audience waiting for the release of Dabangg with bated breath! What else do you need?

The first copy of Aamir Khan’s ‘Dhobi Ghaat’ is out. It has also been censored. When will it be released?

Dhobi Ghaat’s release is scheduled for February 2011.

Why do you think did ‘We Are Family’ not take a flying start?

First and foremost, We Are Family is a family film – and family films never take flying starts. Secondly, it is a woman-oriented film which again is a factor that goes against bumper initial. Thirdly, the film’s music is not of the kind which could’ve inspired the public to rush to the cinemas on the first day.

By Komal Nahta

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