Yeh Stupid Pyar
Ye Stupid Pyar

Ye Stupid Pyar: Box-Office Expectations

Ye Stupid Pyar has not created any buzz at all. If the content is good, word of mouth publicity might come into play.

Ye Stupid Pyar: Star Cast

Jatin Khurana and Noopur Patwardhan.

Ye Stupid Pyar: Plot

NRI Abhishek Khurana (Jatin Khurana) marries an Indian girl on his visit to India. On their first wedding night, his wife, Neha (Noopur Patwardhan) breaks down because she doesn’t want to leave her father. As a gesture of true love, Abhishek joins his Bangkok office instead, and offers Neha to celebrate their wedding night at their new destination – Thailand.

What happens when Abhishek meets his college sweetheart, Simran?

Ye Stupid Pyar: Release Date

December 9, 2011.

Ye Stupid Pyar: Trailer

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