World Emoji Day: Today is the day when we celebrate one of the most used things we do it in our daily routine, Emoji or Emoticons! Using emoticons have become a mandatory thing in our lives today. Our chat or any conversation is incomplete without these lovely emoticons. Talking on a personal level, rather typing big paragraphs, I love expressing myself using some crazy emoticons. At least my chat is surely incomplete without these cute looking things!

Right from kids to old aged people, today everyone uses it while sending any message to their friends or relatives. These emoticons have lately also transformed in the type of games. Such as guess a Bollywood film by looking at an emoji or guess the name of a city or state or country and so on. Not only us but also the Bollywood celebs couldn’t stop using these emotions and their social media platform is a proof! So these are now the addictive and inseparable things from our lives. On the occasion of World Emoji Day, we have collated the pictures of Bollywood actors and actresses which are exact replica of some famous emoticons. Have a look:


1. Birthday girl Katrina Kaif’s happy face looks ditto like this emoticon!

2. Alia Bhatt surely knows how to grin perfectly!

3. Haaawww! Ranbir Kapoor be like, ‘Maine kuch nahi bola!’

4. It’s time to get goofy with Katrina Kaif!

5. Get ready to groove with the Chamak Challo aka Kareena Kapoor Khan!

6. Romance? Eh… it’s Bromance bro!

7. Why so sad PeeCee? Nick’s not going anywhere!

8. What? There’s still time left for Dabangg 3 shoot? 

9. Baba is such a cutie! Isn’t it?

10. Kareena Kapoor Khan’s pout game is on-point!

11. Pani puri? Yummmmmmm!

12. Don’t angry me!!! Urghhhhh…


13. Aiyo mere baal! Koi toh rok lo!!

14. Who’s got that swag?

15. Attitude apne jeb me rakhne ka, samjha kya?

16. Who’s a sleepy head?

17. Paparazzi uncle, please aaj toh chhod do!

18. I’m smart and I know it bro!

19. Arjun Kapoor is ready for some masti!

20. Sanju? Thugs aa rahe hai! 

21. Kyaaaa? Abhishek is not in Dhoom 4?

22. Awwww…!

23. Salman Khan finished after Race 3? Salman be like: 

24. Ranveer weds Deepika in December?
Arjun: Baba mera kya hoga? 



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