What kind of opening do you think ‘Readywill take? Can it touch the opening of ‘Dabangg’?
– Bumper! Even if the initial is less than Dabangg, it will be bumper. And don’t be surprised if the start is as good as that of ‘Dabangg’ at places. The two songs – Character dheela and Dhinka chika – have done the trick!

Dhinka Chika Song


How are star prices fixed? Who decides what a star will get for a film – the producer, director or the star himself?
– Definitely not the director. The negotiations happen between the producer and the star who must arrive at a consensus decision before the star can be signed by the producer. In the broader perspective, it has to be the market forces of demand and supply at play, with the additional truth about saleable stars always being in short supply.

Have the censors become more liberal now?
– Yes, they definitely have! They pass four-letter words quite generously if the producer accepts an ‘A’ certificate.

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Bhaag DK Bose Song



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