Will Saat Khoon Maaf Become Hum 7 Saath Hain?


Priyanka Chopra may have cunningly bumped off all her husbands in 7 Khoon Maaf, but that doesn’t mean they’re going to take it sitting down! What if these sexy seven team up in the afterlife to haunt their beloved Susanna with Hum 7 Saath Hain?

Will Saat Khoon Maaf Become Hum 7 Saath Hain?

When the seven join forces, it will be one handsome haunting for sure! While John Abraham can keep singing/yelling rock songs that only Priyanka can hear, Naseeruddin Shah can drop mushrooms in her food (even her tea!) when she’s not watching.

And they can also warn her impending 8th husband of the consequences of falling for the lovely Susanna Anna-Marie Johannes.

Give us your suggestions on how Susanna’s dead husbands can haunt her for Hum 7 Saath Hain!




  1. how do u find the title: “Hum Saath Nehi Chodenge”

    Anyways, Team Koimoi plz publish the review of Masti Express. We’re waiting for this movie too!


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