When released last year, Delhi Belly had made waves. Set as a story of one crazy day, it was known for its crisp narrative, cutting edge editing, realistic setting, competent performances, riotous humour, shocking elements and last but not the least, its colourful language. Now that Kismet (Kismat) Love Paisa Dilli a.k.a. KLPD is all set for release, one expects a similar flavour from the Vivek Oberoi starrer as well. Since the film is again set in Delhi, boasts of assorted characters and above all, tells ‘kahaani ek raat ki’, it is but obvious that comparisons with Delhi Belly would be inevitable.

Kismet (Kismat) Love Paisa Dilli and Delhi Belly Movie Posters
Kismet (Kismat) Love Paisa Dilli and Delhi Belly Movie Posters


Producer Amit Chandra is undeterred though and says with a smile, “Well, I would be more than happy if these are the kind of comparisons that would be drawn for KLPD. After all, ‘Delhi Belly’ was a fabulous film and it did really well too. From the core setting perspective, we too are in a similar, if not the same zone. Having said that, in our film Vivek (Oberoi), Mallika (Sherawat) or other actors are not swearing. You won’t see or hear any hardcore adult content as such, something which was the USP of Delhi Belly. We have a story of our own and the ride of KLPD is far crazier and funny.”

The film is pretty much being touted as a comeback vehicle of not just Vivek and Mallika but also he as well as director Sanjay Khanduri whose last outing was Karthik Calling Karthik and Ek Chalis Ki Last Local respectively. Doesn’t that make KLPD one film which would be pretty much scrutinised quite closely?

“See, as a producer I come from a slightly different school of thought. Instead of just setting up a project, I want to back my content and director. Vivek and Mallika are in the film because they fit the bill as far as Sanjay’s story is concerned. Also, even in terms of setting the right platform for the film, we haven’t gone ballistic. We are not here to make 70-80-90 crores on the film and hence we have spent well to gain enough”, he reasons.

Sharing examples of some of the mid-budget films that have worked really well with the audience, Amit says, “If you look at so many medium budget films that have done well this year, it has happened because these were good films. Vicky Donor and Kahaani were grabbed by the audience because these were good films and hence did phenomenal business. Ditto for Ishaqzaade. Now with ‘KLPD’ I am positive of the same outcome and even in future I have similar plans of backing content and director more than chasing a superstar. Yes, a superstar does help in getting money on the table but ultimately the content wins.”





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