Slaman Khan
Slaman Khan

Bollywood actor Salman Khan, who has been in the news off late for his court case – 2002 Hit and Run Case, has launched a website which will have all the official updates about the same.

Well, if you are thinking why all of a sudden our Dabangg Khan had to take such a step, then there’s a valid reason to it! Salman has been a soft target for people to get criticized on the basis of the inaccurate facts regarding the cases he has been involved in, that has been doing rounds on social networking websites.


Here’s the reason why Salman had to launch a website for his case files:

Reads an official statement: Certain court cases are filed against me. There is widespread media reporting of these cases. The reports are sometimes inaccurate and misleading, and cause damage to my reputation, both personal and professional. I have been advised to put up this website to provide easy accessible information about the ongoing status of these cases.

This website will be updated by my advocate from time to time. It will not contain any information about the merits of any case, nor any comments. I encourage all those interested in knowing about the cases, particularly the media, to verify facts available on this website.

I have the greatest respect for the law, the judiciary and the legal process. Nothing on this website is intended to influence anyone, the sole purpose being to present the facts, and status of the cases I am involved in.




    • Bloody Hell, let the law first take it own course..!..why blame him till he is is proved guilty ? will you be there to take back your words if he is not convicted…if he is guilty then Law will surely punish him..have faith in law and judiciary..till then do not spell your dirty venom our Hero…we are with our beloved always..Bhai..we stand beside you always..qhurram…

  1. Well Every Criminal tries their Best to sympathise themselves, Sallu too is doing that same, But the fact that He has killed someone remains and he is a Criminal. And by the way WHAT REPUTATION didnt get that U DONT HAVE ANY REPUTATION SALLU and Dont talk about ur Respect to the Juditiary we all know How u keep skipping the hearing time aand time again to delay ur Jail entrance, So just Silently prepare urself for going to Jail. Well this website Idea is a Crap he and his lawyers will always try to patronise him, Well is there any Criminal who have agreed that he have commited a Crime, Nope, Sallu is doing the same, But the Inevitable will have to happen he has to be jailed, Otherwise the Indian Juditiory will be in doubt from a Common mans eyesight. Put Sallu in Jail ASAP.


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