Salman Khan has always played positive characters in his films. It is not new to us that the actor has many times refused to star in horror and erotic films. While other Khans are experimenting with the different genres and roles, Salman has made a firm decision that he will not play villainous characters in the films.

When asked that whether he’ll play a negative character in his upcoming films, Salman replied that, he doesn’t want to be a villain. He believes in entertaining the audience. He likes playing a hero, a good man which will stay in audiences mind when they go back home from theaters.

Check Out Why Salman Doesn't Want To Portray Negative Characters Onscreen
Check Out Why Salman Doesn’t Want To Portray Negative Characters Onscreen

According to him, it is important to play a good character onscreen as he believes that young fans emulate the actions of their screen idols. He jokingly said that, if he cannot play a good man in real life, he can atleast play it onscreen.

Salman is currently gearing up for release of Sultan, which is set to hit the screens on 6th July, 2016.

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