Amjad Khan At His Candid Best
When Amjad Khan Took A Dig At Film Magazines

Whenever we talk about late Amjad Khan, we come across an image of Gabbar of Sholay ranting at his gangmates. He lived his character to such an extent, that it got penned as one of the best villains in history. Surprisingly, in real life, he was totally different from his stereotyped image.

Those who had gone through Khan’s old interviews or had been lucky to interact with him personally would be quite aware of his humbleness. In fact, some would even found it hard to digest the tales of his large-heartedness and down to earth persona. But on above of all such qualities, Khan was very straightforward in his thoughts and words and he was respected the most for this very quality.

We recently came across Amjad Khan’s interview that happened in 1987. All thanks to I.T Media Broadcasting archives, we got witness his candid best where he spoke on a lot of things apart from films. During his interaction, he expressed his sadness towards the approach of film magazines. He felt that magazines prints nonsensical things and too much personal stuff about film celebs.

While sharing his viewpoint, Amjad Khan said, “Mein film magazines ko woh parasites maanta hu jo film industry ke khoon pe palte hai” (I believe that film magazines are parasites which feed on film industry’s blood). He also added that their (magazines) own contribution is null in the entertainment industry.

Now, that was truly honest af! What do you think?

Meanwhile, very few to none would be aware of the actual reason behind Khan‘s weight gain. In the same interview, he himself had revealed the real reason for his weight increase. He was asked, why doesn’t he loses some of his weight? To which actor replied by sharing how active his lifestyle was before meeting with an accident.

He added that after an accident, he was lying on a bed for around 3 months and was advised of staying away from workouts for 3 years. After recovering and getting back to normal, he again suffered a leg injury. Post leg injury, in 1984, Amjad suffered from Bell’s Palsy due to which he was kept on steroids for 2-3 months and was prohibited from doing workouts. This entire series of events led to the weight gain of the Sholay actor. And since then, he kept on adding extra pounds.

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