Bejoy Nambiar
Bejoy Nambiar

There are makers known to keep suspense of their creation close to their heart and not reveal it to the ‘aam junta’ till the film hits the screens. Case in point being Talaash where there is so much secrecy around the film that everyone associated with it is keeping complete silence around what is in store. However, David has gone one step ahead. Believe it or not but till the last day of the film’s shoot, not even the lead protagonists were aware about how the film was actually ending.


“The film has three men playing a character called David – Neil Nitin Mukesh, Chiyaan Vikram and Vinay Virmani. However none of them knows how the edited film actually looks like. In fact they were not even given a complete script to read. They knew mainly about their part and director Bejoy Nambiar kept last 20 pages of the script to himself. Only when they reported for the shoot, their respective dialogues were shared with them,” informs our source.

Just like his earlier film Shaitan, which was also a thriller, Bejoy wanted his ensemble cast to just follow his directions and completely surrender to him.

“That’s the way he likes to work,” the source adds, “For some, it may be a little suffocating to see their director being so secretive. However if you look at it from his point of view, he is just keeping his actors in as much suspense as he would like audience to be when they see what unfolds on screen. In a way, he psyches his actors to be the characters on screen who don’t quite know how their journey will culminate. It is akin to method direction and that’s the School of filmmaking that Bejoy comes from.”

While the cast is now waiting for Bejoy to show them the final cut of the film, the filmmaker is currently neck deep into the post production and is waiting for just the right time to open the cards. As per sources, when the First Look of the film comes out, which would be very soon, there would be a surprise element in store not just for the viewers but also the actors for whom this would be literally their ‘first look’ as well, despite them featuring in it.

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