Filmmaker Mohammad Israr Ansari says he would like to dedicate his forthcoming film Sallu Ki Shaadi to superstar Salman Khan.


“I want to dedicate my film Sallu Ki Shaadi to Salman Khan. My entire team, including me, want Salman Khan to support us. We want to meet him as fans,” Ansari said here on Friday.

The comedy drama’s tagline reads: “Until Salman Khan gets married, I won’t get married.”

'Sallu Ki Shaadi' dedicated to Salman Khan: Director
“Want To Dedicate My Film Sallu Ki Shaadi To Salman Khan”: Mohammad Israr Ansari

Explaining the tagline, the director said: “At the time of my wedding, I did not know whether Salman Khan will get married or not. Had I known that he would’t get married, I would have stuck with my tagline.”

“But I have interacted with many of Bhaijaan’s fans and they all have the same thing to say, ‘Till Salman Khan doesn’t get married, we won’t marry’. I have three of my employees saying the same thing.”


Asked about dedicating a film to the superstar, he said: “Salman Khan has millions of fans and they all talk about different parts of his life, but no one has really thought about his marriage. And even if they did, they just talk about it, but no one does anything more than just talk.

“I wanted to talk about his wedding and express it directly to Salman Khan. But then I had a better idea, I thought about making a film and putting my views across to him. I am Salman Khan’s fan and putting my request forward which I want him to consider… to get married,” added Ansari.

The movie stars Arshin Mehta.

“I auditioned for the film. The title ‘Sallu Ki Shaadi‘ got me excited. When the director narrated the script to me, I found it really amazing and so, I wanted to be a part of the film,” she said.

She plays a heroine in the film.

“The name of my character is Alia, who is a very big fan of Salman Khan. She is very chubby and has all sorts of problems. One of the problems is that she wants to get married, and she wants to marry Sallu,” she said.

The film, which also stars Zeenat Aman, Kiran Kumar and Ravi Pandey, is slated to release on December 8.




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