Vipul Shah
Vipul Shah

Vipul Shah, who has directed hits like Namastey London and Singh is Kinng has launched an online hunt for writers. Shah has collaborated with Talenthouse India, a crowd-sourcing platform for films and other art forms. caught up with the director to know more about this unique initiative. Read on…

You have started an online hunt for script writers. Tell us more about this initiative.
The number of talent shows today clearly indicates how much untapped talent is there in India. And the web has become the most efficient way to reach out to niche communities. In spite of so many established writers in the industry, I truly believe that the best script writers are still out there. We have launched this creative hunt with the aim of finding such persons.

Why are you looking for story writers on the Internet, when there are so many young writers coming to Mumbai who  don’t even get a chance to narrate their stories?
That’s precisely the reason why I am looking for script writers on the Internet. Not just Mumbai, there are many great script writers all across India who do not get the opportunity to showcase their work. Some of the best industry writers are from small towns. As this hunt is online, it is open to anybody and everybody. It helps me source talent efficiently, it helps the writers get the kind of exposure they need to showcase their work.

Tell us about Talenthouse and your collaboration with it.
Today the world is going viral. Information and associations are just a click away. I’m moving with the times and looking for a scriptwriter online. Due to my busy schedule, I don’t get to meet each and every artist who wants to showcase his/her work.  This collaboration with Talenthouse seemed like a perfect marriage, where I can source talent and the artists gets the recognition s/he want.

Is there any criteria for who can submit their stories online?
Just like creativity is never restricted within boundaries or frameworks, there is no specific genre that I’m looking at. I might like a person’s style of writing or I might like the idea.

What is the procedure of submitting the stories for the candidates?
You can log in on the official website of Talenthouse India and submit your story there free of cost.

A large number of people can be expected to submit their story ideas. How will you deal with a  large number of stories you might receive?
The screening process will be conducted personally by me along with an in-house expert from Talenthouse. I’ve always been actively involved in each and every project that I undertake. Yes, I’m hoping to receive good number of entries and will make sure that the time barrier does not stop me from judging all the entries that I receive.

What is the criteria for short listing the candidates? What is maximum number of candidates that can be short listed?
There will be only one winner. However, if I like the work of other script writers, I might also look at doing something with them.

Will you make film on the winner’s idea or will you utilise him to write other projects for you?
First, let me judge the work. I might like someone’s style of writing or I might like the concept. It all depends on the kind of entries I receive. Besides, there is also a cash prize to be won.

Do you have or plan to have any other initiative for aspiring actors, directors and other aspirants in the creative departments of film making?
This is my first crowd-sourcing initiative. I’m looking forward to seeing the kind and quality of scripts I will receive. Based on this, I will plan further initiatives on other creative departments of film making.

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