His latest film Bank Chor might not have done well at the box office but he is being showered with immense love for his performance in Amazon’s web series Inside Edge. However, neither box office success nor failure affects Vivek Oberoi as he believes in keeping the past aside and moving on.

In an exclusive interview with Koimoi, Vivek Oberoi said, “I believe life is like a river. You have to keep swimming, keep flowing otherwise you’ll sink.”

Vivek Oberoi: Bank Chor Would Have Done Better If Released Only Digitally
Vivek Oberoi: Bank Chor Would Have Done Better If Released Only Digitally


Why didn’t Bank Chor work? What is the actor’s analysis? Vivek Oberoi shared, “It’s sad the film didn’t work. My analysis if you ask me, the content was not an issue, it had so much engagement on social media. In fact, a week before the film’s release the producer told me that we should have released it only as a digital film. It’s like putting a one rupee coin in a mobile phone. Today, the time has changed so much, films have changed. This film was meant for that kind of a medium, a young medium, a new medium. We tried to put it in a typical medium, which is theatre. This film was meant for an audience that goes to watch stuff digitally, engages on social media. It would have been a big success. It would be better if released only digitally.”

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Amazon’s web series Inside Edge is receiving immense love from viewers and so is Vivek in the avatar of a baddie, Vikrant Dhawan. How does it feel? The actor expressed, “I am absolutely overjoyed. It was released on midnight. I woke up the next morning and everywhere there was much halla. People flooded me with messages on Twitter timeline and Facebook, I was amazed! Then somebody called me and said you are trending. I asked I am trending in India right? He said no, you are trending worldwide! It was so sweet, all the fans were talking about how good I am as the bad guy in Inside Edge and how opposite I am in real life! It felt really nice to be so appreciated.”

After the West, web series are slowly growing as a trend in India. Will they replace saas-bahu soaps? Vivek said, “I don’t think so. Saas-bahu serials have their own space. Digital has its own audience but it’s a very fast-growing audience, a young audience who loves to watch things online, when they are travelling, in train, bus, car. They’ll not come and sit in front of the TV on Friday 9 pm. They’ll watch when they are free. They’ll watch if they can’t sleep in the middle of the night. Web series are for people who like binge watching!”

The actor smiled before adding, “I am a binge-watcher!”




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