He is super-excited to donne the hero’s hat for the first time in his Bollywood career! In an exclusive chat with Koimoi, a young, talented and energetic Vivaan Shah opens up about how it feels to be a hero, how demonetization affected the release of his film, how he would love to share screen space with his parents Naseeruddin Shah & Ratna Pathak Shah and more…

What is the film all about?
Laali Ki Shaadi Mein Laaddoo Deewana is a very light-hearted, entertaining comedy film. It does get serious towards the middle as it deals with a serious subject matter like pre-marital pregnancy. But it’s mostly a comedy. It’s a film which you can sit, watch and enjoy with your entire family on a weekend.

Can you give us a little hint into the story line?
It’s a situational humour film based on mistaken identity. Laaddoo is a small-town guy who comes to a big city to work as a waiter. While working at a café, he meets Laali. They both try to take advantage of each other to get ahead in life and eventually end up falling for each other. Then Laali gets pregnant. As a result, Laaddoo’s parents disown him and adopt Laali, while Laali’s parents, in turn adopt Laaddoo as their son.

Vivaan Shah: Laali Ki Shaadi Mein Laaddoo Deewana release was postponed due to demonetization
Vivaan Shah: Laali Ki Shaadi Mein Laaddoo Deewana release was postponed due to demonetization

How did the role appeal to you?
In most of the films I’ve done till now, I’ve essayed working class characters. This role too is similar. Laaddoo is a waiter from a small town, Lalitpur. Since I come from privileged social strata, essaying a working class character, stepping into their shoes is the best way to understand them. Laaddoo is a bit dishonest as a person. He is sweet but not very likeable due to some of his characteristics. The audience would be surprised by some of the things he does but will end up loving him. He undergoes redemption and becomes a better person.

Bombay Velvet released in 2015 and then Laali Ki Shaadi… in 2017— Why this gap?
Actually, this film was supposed to release towards the end of last year but it got pushed due to demonetization.

Till now, you have worked mostly in supporting roles. This is going to be your first film as a hero. How do you feel?
It feels great definitely but with this also comes a huge responsibility since the film rests on your shoulders. I’ve tried to put in my best efforts in the movie. We had a great fun while making the film. I hope people have great fun watching it.

Did you feel any kind of pressure?
Yes, I did feel the pressure but you should use it to motivate you to do better! So, I feel it’s a healthy pressure, which pushes you and motivates you. It actually helps you reach your optimum potential.

Where has the film been shot?
The film has been shot in Vadodara and Kashmir. One of the songs has been shot in Kashmir. That’s when Akshara (Haasan) and I realised how difficult it is to shoot in that cold weather wearing just a t-shirt and a chiffon saree. We were freezing while shooting for the song, par kya karein? That’s an occupational hazard! (Laughs)

What are your upcoming projects?
I am doing a yet-untitled film, which is going to go on floors this year. I am playing a ventriloquist in it. It’s a fascinating movie about a blind girl and a ventriloquist. It’s a remake of a Korean film. Right now, I am preparing for the role, which of course is a challenging one!

How eager are you to share screen space with your family?
I would really love to do that. Recently, we did a play, which had all five of us together. It’s a comedy play titled Riding Madly Off In All Directions. It was a dream come true experience for me! I’ve done a film with dad, 7 Khoon Maaf but we did not share screen space in it. I’d love to do a movie with anybody from my family.

Laali Ki Shaadi Mein Laaddoo Deewana, helmed by Manish Harishankar is all set to hit theatres on 7th April.

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