Veena Malik, an ex Bigg Boss contestant, is currently a news anchor on a Pakistani channel called Pak News. In a recent video shared by the channel on Twitter, the actress has called Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s trip to Israel as one that is meant to destroy the lives of thousands of Muslims.

In a rant against Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Israel’s PM Benjamin Netanyahu, Veena criticized their meeting and held the two responsible for affecting Muslims.


Watch the video here.

She called them evil and said that their mission is only to ruin the Muslim race. She further says that how India and Israel have destroyed Kashmir and State of Palestine respectively. There meeting will do no good to anyone. She feels that the meeting is not conducted with good intentions.

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Pakistani actress last made headlines when she ended her three-year-old marriage with Asad Khattak after a family court granted them divorce. They got married in December 2013 in a court in Dubai and have two children. The court in Lahore had accepted Veena’s ‘khula’ (divorce) application and ruled in her favour after non-pursuance of the case by Mr. Khattak.

Veena came into news when she revealed some shocking details about her marriage. She stated that she was constantly disrespected and abused by her husband. She even added that she was beaten in front of her kids.

The actress has worked across the film and TV industry in Pakistan and India. In Bollywood, she has done two item songs as well, and Veena also dabbled in the Kannada film world “Dirty Picture: Silk Sakkath Maga”.



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