Rani Mukerji is donning back the screen after a long time and given her scorching screen presence, the actress is venturing into an undelved space with this film. Not that the role is unusual but very different for the lady who was fondly called the Queen of hearts, for her wonderful rendering of romantic roles.

As Mardaani is gearing up for release, will Rani disappoint her hardcore fans who are so fluid with the idea of seeing her in romantic roles? In an interview with Koimoi, we asked Rani about the same and she replies with, “​My hardcore fan base will be very happy that I did a film like that. The kind of atrocities women ​are faced with today in our lives is beyond imagination. The things that are happening these days is shocking. Every morning the papers are strewn with some kind of a gruesome news about gang rapes or abuses or violations. When I wake up and read such a news, all I do is get angry and wonder what on earth is happening. It is the topic of discussion in every household.”

Rani Mukerji in a still from movie 'Mardaani'
Rani Mukerji in a still from movie ‘Mardaani’

“When the film came to me all I thought was that it is fantastic. I have just got a role which I really wanted to do. As an artist, it was important for me to bring out the message that now is the time to bring out the Mardaani in you. It is high time that the Mardaani in all of us comes out in a big way.”

Mukerji continued with, “We all are in a country where a girl is taught from her very childhood to not speak up! Don’t speak up against people who trouble you on the street, don’t speak up against your husband, don’t speak up against anything wrong that happens to you in the house! ‘What will the world say’ is too big a phenomena for Indians. It is time that this thinking changes because the need of the hour is girl power and to tell the next generation that please educate your daughters in self defense. Enroll them in self defense classes. Plead with schools and Government to make self defense a compulsory subject in schools and colleges. Imagine a child who is trained in some form of self defense will become so fearless, confident and powerful by the time she is 18. No man will have the guts to look at her in a bad way. The atrocities begin when a man assumes that a woman cannot protect themselves. No one should have the power to override a woman.”

Mardaani, directed by Pradeep Sarkar is all set to release on 22nd August.

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