Tiger Shroff has mentioned on many occasions as to how big a fan he is of Hrithik Roshan. He has been often heard saying the fact that Hrithik is a complete package of all the necessary elements to become successful.


Well, it seems Tiger proved to Hrithik that he is not only in awe of him but his inspiration has made him the athletic self that he is. Impressed by this, Hrithik Roshan has chosen Tiger Shroff to become the brand ambassador for his clothing line HRX.

Tiger Shroff Becomes A Brand Ambassador For Hrithik Roshan's Clothing Line
Tiger Shroff Becomes A Brand Ambassador For Hrithik Roshan’s Clothing Line

According to reports, the reason why Hrithik chose Tiger for his brand is that, he has the potential to break norms and become an inspiration for others. For Tiger on the other hand, this is definitely a happy moment and tweeted saying , “I’m so happy to be on board will do my best to put my powers to use and help contribute to the vision. “

Tiger is just one film old but is extremely popular among the youth. His dance moves are well-known and his dedication to fitness will surely prove to be helpful for the HRX brand.




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