Subhash Shinde, who did Sridevi’s make-up at actor Mohit Marwah’s marriage in Dubai last week, says the late actress had “so much warmth and positivity” and always treated everyone, including make-up artists, present on a film’s set like a family.


Sridevi was 54 when she passed away in Dubai late on Saturday night.

“I still cannot believe she is no more. I was there in Dubai with her for her make-up at Mohit Marwah’s (her nephew) marriage. She was looking so pretty, happy and bright as ever. I came back two days ago, and on Saturday late night the news started coming in (about her death). I am still in shock,” Shinde told IANS.

'Sridevi treated make-up artistes, others like family'
This Is What Sridevi’s Make-Up Artist Has To Say About Her!

“She was one of the icons with so much warmth and positivity. I started working with her after English Vinglish released (2012). She always treated, all of us, whether make-up artistes, dress people, everyone… like a family. We were one unit.”

Shinde said she would ask him if he ate on time and how his family was doing.


Sridevi was also a painter.

“She had a great sense of colours and shades. There is an art of combining shades that complement the entire attire. She knew it right, I rather learnt it from her. She had a strong sense of aesthetics,” said Shinde.

Sharing another interesting thing about the star, he said: “…The colour, ornaments, even the size of her bindi, she had an eye for detailing.”

The makeup artiste worked with Sridevi in films Puli and Mom.

According to him, the actress was very cooperative and patient during her make-up sessions.

“I remember during ‘Puli‘, she was supposed to wear heavy make-up. She never threw any tantrums, was always patient and cooperative with us even though the process would be time-consuming,” recalled Shinde.

“I won’t say she was a perfectionist, but the fact is that she exemplifies excellence; that comes with perfection. So yes, perfection is the word to define it.”




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