Shah Rukh Khan at an event
Shah Rukh Khan at an event

A full blown campaign has been launched against superstar Shah Rukh Khan and a leading cosmetic company for endorsing a popular brand of fairness cream for men. If one has closely seen the advertisement of the product being referred to you here, it won’t be hard to realize that the campaign isn’t as flimsy as it sounds.


Being fair, a star has every right to foster products he or she pleases. And SRK isn’t the first man who has endorsed a fairness brand. But when an actor of his fan following and statures, becomes the brand face of fairness product and links his success with the color of his skin – King Khan derogates his own potential and achievements.

SRK has always remained out of the moulds of Bollywood’s natural. He epitomized an aberration from the on start defying contours of a typical Bollywood actor. With a lanky body and not so Bollywood-ish charming looks, the actor gradually went on to reign the hearts of millions over the globe. His charisma works, his flattering charm works. And certainly none of it is because of a man’s fairness cream that was luckily an obsolete entity way back then.

As the popularity of Nandita Das’ ‘Dark Is Beautiful’ campaign became viral, awareness about society’s constant conditioning that fair is beautiful became more blatant. There is no denying that for Indians in general, fair skin is way more appealing than earthy or dusky complexion. Men’s insecurities about dark skin surfaced more recently, with more and more fairness products coming out for them. The reason why such products have found a market in India is mainly because of the excessive importance we place on skin colour.

It all got an extra mileage when a Superstar of SRK’s stature came out in support of the product. The actor with a charismatic journey has created for himself a niche in stardom and a legacy from the scratch. Somehow his attempt at promising the ‘zyada’ fairness to men comes across as flimsy. The advertisement treads from tracing the success of star from his early days in the industry to his spell of super success, linking it all to how a fairness cream has come useful in his confidence.

The actor is an example for most budding aspirants. People use his name to inspire themselves about a career in acting. And when he himself attributes his confidence at achieving the magnanimous goals he has in his life to something as insignificant as the color of his skin, it is unfortunate. SRK’s mesmeric journey in Bollywood is superlative and awe-striking. We wish the actor would give himself more credit than he gives to his fairness cream!

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  1. Do u think if he stop promoting it ,people will stop using it?
    No.then why is srk only targeted?
    Gurniare by John Abraham,fair and lovely for men by vir at kohli,emami fairness cream by shahid kapor all advertisements are not why target?


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