Ram Gopal Varma
Ram Gopal Varma

If the extended First Look of The Attacks of 26/11, which lasted close to seven minutes, was riveting enough to generate a good enough interest level, there is more. The track Maula Deva, which chronicles some of the most terrible moments from the tragic event, has just been released and the impact is simply stunning.


“It is not for the faint hearted. Period”, says an observer, “Ram Gopal Varma has clearly gone the whole hog in making sure that he doesn’t skip a beat when narrating what really happened in those cruel moments. Of course everyone has heard and read a lot about the tragedy through various forms of media, be it television, newspapers or online forums. However the way Ramu had put together everything is beyond words.”

Though the filmmaker has been waiting for an elusive hit for quite some time, it was the sheer subject matter of The Attacks of 26/11 and the way he went about putting it all together that shocked even those who are backing the project.

“The producers were totally convinced that this was one film where RGV was keeping the story over everything else. Technique, camera angles or gimmicks of any other kind were secondary as RGV was passionate about telling the tale as it is. Now that Maula Deva is out, it can be said that the maverick filmmaker stuck to his promise. Though it is too early to say, by the look of the things it can be presumed that vintage Ramu from the days of Satya is back. It appears to be a no-compromise affair and audience will get to witness an undiluted narrative”, says a source close to the production house.

Now if at all the claims indeed turn out to be true, the audience of today’s generation would get to witness a filmmaker who has created a place in history for himself, courtesy films like Company, Rangeela and of course Satya. Will Ramu comply? Well, come 1st March and we would know once The Attacks of 26/11, a co-production of Eros and Parag Sanghavi, releases all over.




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