Announcing sequels even before the first film has released may be Bollywood’s latest fad, but the Tees Maar Khan team sure know how to take advantage of that. At a recent press conference, buoyed by the response to her item number Sheila Ki Jawani, Katrina Kaif joked that the sequel to Tees Maar Khan would be called Sheila Ki Jawani.

When Akshay Kumar was asked about the same, the star quipped, “There will be two sequels, Sheila Ki Jawani and Tees Maar Khan 2!”

But Katrina Kaif will have to give the ‘Sheila Ki Jawani’ a miss as that particular title has already been used for a C-grade film by Kanti Shah. Farah Khan rues, “We should have registered the title. Kat had told me to register it but we didn’t and its out of our hands now.” When a member of the press told Farah that Kanti Shah’s Sheila Ki Jawani had been shot in 12 days flat, she quipped, “I told Akshay to come early!”

We’re sure Farah can top that too!

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