Tara Sharma at an event
Tara Sharma at an event

The gorgeous B town yummy mummy who has shouldered a lot of supporting characters in some prolific films with an ensemble cast, Tara is a multi-tasker of sorts. From being the busy housewife handling her family well to supporting some stellar performances in some pivotal films, Tara has come a long way. And the entrepreneur woman in her doesn’t take a stop there as she is all set to jump into production with her latest TV show aimed at new mothers. Busy with her upcoming release 10ml Love, and her ‘The Tara Sharma Show’, the lovely lady dropped in for a casual chat, about Shakespeare, Love and the Magic Potion.


Finally getting back on screen after a two year break, what made you say yes to this film?
The script is the best star out of everything in this film. It is a really good story; it is an adaptation of Shakespeare’s ‘Midsummer Night’s Dream’. So you can’t get as better script as an original content of Shakespeare. The cast and the director are mind blowing. So I felt that this film had a perfect balance of good script with a good cast and a good set up for me to come back with.

And then you are also juggling between acting and your new show which you are anchoring.
Well, honestly, it is not just anchoring, ‘The Tara Sharma Show’ is being co-produced, written, hosted by me so it is more like my second baby. The show is all about ek nayi ma ka safar: The Tara Sharma Show Diaries is of a New mum! It is all about our adventure of bringing up our kids. So it is a really lovely way for me to work and yet be with my family, so that has been a good thing, touch wood! And it is a fact that I always want to do films, and act in them but then good scripts don’t come along all the time. So I am glad that I also have this show.

All your successes have been mostly in form of comic capers. With such a mad and quirky love story cum rom-com lined up, what are you expecting out of your 10ml of Love?
Honestly, I just hope people enjoy the film and I hope enough people know about the film. It is a romantic comedy but what I have noticed is some of these small budget films, in spite of having good content, they don’t have the enough budget to do the right amount of publicity and promote their film. For example, if you look at Khosla Ka Ghosla also, it took a long time to release but luckily the publicity of the film was done in a nice way. So if enough people know about the film and they watch the film, they will like it. The film deserves to be well received.

Getting a small budget film like 10 ml Love pitted against an A listed actor’s much awaited masala release, don’t you think it was much of a risk?
You know I am one of the people who believe there is place for everyone. There are different types of films, different sizes of films, different types of stars and actors too, but then there is a place for everyone. We are not urging anyone to watch our film only. You can watch our film first and then definitely watch Khiladi 786 and vice versa. I will also be watching Akshay Kumar’s film. Instead of it being a constant, competitive business, we can make it more of a synergistic business. There is definitely a point where people can watch more than one film. I hope everyone sees all of them.




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