Hrithik Roshan’s Super 30 has been a part of controversy ever since the time of its announcement. Acquaintances of the mathematician, Anand Kumar all across Bihar are accusing him of not portraying the truth and furthermore, blaming the filmmakers of Super 30 for not doing a proper research on the mathematician before creating the biopic.

2013’s Bhaag Milkha Bhaag also witnessed a controversy when it came to genuineness of the topic. Yes, the movie worked at the box office but faced criticism for not showing the real truth and glorifying the subject.

According to reports, the founder of Super 30 has made false claims and students along with their parents are reaching out to media to speak the truth. Apparently, Anand in 2002 had started the Super 30 programme along with IPS officer, Abhayanand, to help the underprivileged kids crack the IIT-JEE examinations, free of cost. But his acquaintances say there’s more to the story and accused him of not telling the entire truth.

Super 30 Controversy: Will This Go The Bhaag Milkha Bhaag Way?
Super 30 Controversy: Will This Go The Bhaag Milkha Bhaag Way?

Abhayanand, the co- founder of Super 30 while speaking to DNA said, “From what I have read and heard, there are children who are distraught and concerned. Students, who were part of the Super 30 programme, are coming out and talking. The media has opened a channel of communication now and they are sending out their messages and opinions.” Abhayanand also started a petition online to urge the filmmakers to reconsider making Super 30.

In addition, it has been revealed by the students that only 3 students could make it through the examination instead of 26 students that Anand Kumar has reportedly claimed of. The mathematician allegedly got 10-12 students from Kota and introduced them to the media claiming they were his students. “I don’t know what’s there in the film. Even if it is based on the biography written by Anand, it can’t be a biopic. I’m aware of the window between 1992-2008 in his life. I have read the book partly, but in my opinion, a lot of it is just fiction. He cannot deny my presence and contribution to Super 30. If he can claim it was solely his thought, I can also say it was my brainchild. It makes little difference to anyone as long as it’s a thought to help the society. But that hasn’t happened,” he further said.

According to reports, the shoot of Super 30 is already over by 80 percent but co-founder Abhayanand has also blamed the makers for not doing a proper research before starting to work on the biopic. Let’s see if the team reconsiders releasing the biopic which is scheduled as of now on 25th January, 2019.

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