Sufi singer Pyarelal, one of the two noted Sufi singers Wadali Brothers, died here on Friday. He was 75.

Pyarelal, the younger brother of singer Puranchand Wadali, died of cardiac arrest at a private hospital, a family source told IANS.

Sufi singer Pyarelal of Wadali Brothers dead
Sufi Singer Pyarelal Of Wadali Brothers Dies Of Cardiac Arrest

The Wadali Brothers have performed at numerous shows in India and other countries. Their famous numbers include “Tu maane ya na maane dildara, aasan te tenu rab manya”. They sang for films like Pinjar.

Hailing from a village in Amritsar district, the Wadali Brothers, the fifth generation of singers and musicians, are known for their humble beginnings and earned national and international recognition over the years.

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