Bollywood’s showman, director-producer Subhash Ghai, is all set to return to the silver screen with a romantic-drama film that he will unveil on October 24th this year. While the star cast of the film has yet not been finalised, Ghai is convinced that he will be able to announce the casting while announcing the film.

Subhash Ghai To Announce His Next Film On Oct 24th

“The film has strong character based roles like the ones you have seen in Kalicharan, Karz or Hero. Hence, getting the casting right is very important for me,” Ghai told, speaking on the sidelines of a workshop held at Whistling Woods International. Ghai will be producing and directing the film.

Sources indicate that Subhash Ghai had approached Anil Kapoor for an important role in the film. Any more details at this point of time are not forthcoming. So well, we will all have to wait till October 24th then…

Subhash Ghai and October 24th
Why an announcement only on October 24th, you might ask? Well, October 24th happens to be the D-day for Subhash Ghai, who got married on this date to his wife, Rehana Ghai. The veteran filmmaker has since been making film announcements and launches on this date, year on year. In fact, he has launched many of his big films on this very date.

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