I am feeling so bad for Deepika aaj kal. Pehle toh ex boyfriend publicly snubbed her and now Salman did not cast her opposite him in Kick. Yeh Shah Rukh Khan ki dosti na is weighing too heavy on Deepika Padukone ab. The market anyway is more favorable towards Salman aaj kal while Shah Rukh ka dhanda is mostly manda. Nowadays I have difficulty remembering when was the last time I liked SRK. Oh yaad aaya, when he got Pitbull to India. What-A-Show. Simply maza aa gaya tha!

But now that uski wajah se Deepika lost a 100 crore wali film, I am very miffed. Deepika who was to become Salman’s co-star in Kick was buri taarh se kicked out by Jacqueline Fernandez. Woh toh utni classy bhi nahi hai yaar. But Salman who is totally staying true to his sworn dushmani with SRK, will never sign anyone close to SRK.

Deepika toh thinks that SRK is her Bollywood Mai-Baap. Debut film dilvayi, now together in Chennai Express too… maante hai SRK ke chote mote ehsaan hai, but for that losing out on a sure shot 100 crore film is too much of a price to pay.

Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone
Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone

How do I know Kick will make 100 crore? LOL jaise you don’t know that it will. Salman ki saari filmein 100 crore pakka banati hai. Itna ki, it is a Bollywood fact ab and a Box Office rule too. Kitne, out of touch ho aap log.

I heard that Salman was very keen on working with Deepika. But phir Chennai Express ke promotion ke chakkar mein madam media ke samne SRK-SRK ki maala jap ke aa gayi. Naturally Salman offend ho gaya and got her kicked out of Kick.

Ab what to say to bechaari Deepika. Don’t be disheartened…these are plain bad times. Kick out Kick from your mind and learn how to be tactful and diplomatic. Sabko balance karke rakhna chahiye, you’ll shine for sure. Chinta mat karo, Gossip Aunty ki blessings are always with you! Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani 100 crore banaegi hi. Nahi hua toh mera naam badal dena!

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