Of all the “on-off” couples in Bollywood, and the ones who refuse to acknowledge their status, Shahid Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra are probably the experts at the see-saw game.

Shahid Kapoor–Priyanka Chopra: Still Together Or Split?

We’ve been hearing rumours about Sasha and PC for a couple of years now, and they keep breaking up and getting back together with such frequency, that it is difficult to ignore them. After Kaminey, the duo seemed inseparable but remained “just friends” to the media but continued to be seen together at a number of events. But there were always undercurrents of tensions between the two.

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Yet, Priyanka and Shahid were seen catching movies together at suburban theatres. And even during the IT raid at her house, Piggy Chopps had turned to Shahid for support. But the harsh news became more evident when Priyanka was nowhere in sight at Shahid Kapoor’s 30th birthday party and reports said that the actress had purposely gone abroad to avoid his party.

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Will they give it a rest and decide if they want to stay together or quit already!

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