The Bombay High Court today (October 21) ordered Shah Rukh Khan to deposit Rs. 1 crore with the court before releasing his film, Ra.One.

The court directed SRK, his production house Red Chillies Entertainment and Eros Entertainment to deposit a sum of Rs. 1 crore as pay-order to the court before the release of the movie because of a petition filed by television producer and writer Yash Patnaik. Patnaik alleged that the concept of Ra.One originally belonged to him and has sought 10% of the profits if he is not given credits. He has sought an injunction on the release until he is given due credit. If the defendants fail to deposit the money tomorrow, an injunction against the movie’s release will become operational.

Shah Rukh Khan’s Ra.One, will release globally next week. The film will have a Dubai premiere on October 24, a London premiere on October 25 and a grand premiere in Toronto on October 26. The film also stars Arjun Rampal and Kareena Kapoor.

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  1. The problem with SRK is that he trying his hardest to prove to everyone that he is the best that Bollywood has ever brought out.

    Look at it, he is trying to prove that he is the #1 Don of Bollywood, when clearly Amitabh Bachchan was way better than him. And since he never got an award for it (which Big B did), he is now bringing Don 2.

    He remade Devdas, and got an Best Actor award.

    Now he is trying to be more better than Krrish!

  2. I just dnt understand one thing. Whr do all these people, who claim that ideas r theirs, keep them hide beford d release? Y d hell they create trouble at d time of release only? Stupid publicity stunts! It’s been happening for past many years. Recent victim is SRK. I suggest punish n fine them so that never ever dare to repeat such sort of stuff for sake of publicity.

  3. court cases – ranover people – animal hunting – abusing/beat other actors n actress – drug addict – remakes of south movies – fight with directors – bald – old – flop = Salman Khan … did i miss something ..

    • Plastic emotions – Bisexuality – Mediocrity – Hypocrisy – Dual standards – Zero in real life. That is Shahrukhi begum


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