After the FIFA final, it is Waka Waka time for Shah Rukh Khan and family. The actor, who’s on a whirlwind tour of the world, finally caught up with the Lebanese-Colombian pop diva. In fact, Shah Rukh was so excited that he profusely thanked Shakira publicly on Twitter, “Thank you so much your graciousness. You are a fabulous star. The kids think of me as a big hero now.”

Shah Rukh even posted a couple of photographs of him and the family with Shakira, calling her “gorgeous, gracious & absolutely heartwarming; so humble & so real”. Seems like the Bollywood star is smitten by the Latin American beauty, who is famous for her hits tracks including ‘Whenever Wherever’ and ‘Underneath Your Clothes’.  “She is such a rockstar.  Was so nice to the kids… we are fans for life.”

Shah Rukh continued, “Have never been more excited to meet a rockstar. The wife & daughter adore her…so do the father & son. She said my name with a beautiful accent too.”

The star will now proceed on with the shooting of his superhero film, Ra. One. The film’s unit is already stationed in London for the remainder of the shoot.

By Koimoi Team

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