Shah Rukh Khan and wife Gauri are coming together on screen for the first time in an advertisement for the furnishing brand D’Décor.

Shah Rukh is back in India after a long shooting stint in London for RA.ONE. The charming Shah Rukh was late, but made it up with his gift of gab.

The star Jodi wore colour coded dresses – SRK in white shirt and blue jeans, and Gauri Khan in a white shirt, black vest and blue jeans.

It’s no wonder that the handsome Shah Rukh Khan kept taking digs at the media and at himself. When asked about how he deals with his wife, he replied, “We (husbands) are well trained. If she (Gauri) tells me to sit, I sit. If she tells me to go, I go away. Don’t try to get me into trouble!”

Is the King Khan learning languages like Aamir? “I have a problem with languages. I just know ‘Gatirodhak pudhe ahey‘ (Speedbreaker ahead) and ‘Majha naav Shah Rukh Khan ahey‘ (My name is Shah Rukh Khan).”

When Gauri was asked whether she would want to join films, she declined with, “If I was younger, I would have…” Shah Rukh immediately retorted, “She’s talking of her age, not mine!”

Gauri and Shah Rukh continued teasing each other on stage. When Gauri said that she has given Shah Rukh a separate room in the house where he can cool off, Shah Rukh grinned and replied, “It’s like a kennel for me to play in.”

When asked what she likes about hubby Shah Rukh, Gauri rolled her eyes, “I can’t keep praising him; it’s really very boring!”

When it came to fuelling the rumour mill, SRK had his guns ready, “You will now wonder how to connect me with Salman Khan. It’s like Inception!” And about his alleged fall-out with Farah Khan, “I wish Tees Maar Khan all the success. I hope it’s a bigger hit than Om Shanti Om.”

Shah Rukh looked a lot lankier than the last time we saw him. He agreed, “I’ve lost a lot of weight, but I still look sexy no?” No fears, you’re still King Khan!

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