Saqib Saleem
Saqib Saleem

Ahead of his second film, Mere Dad Ki Maruti which has surprisingly gained momentum now, Saqib Saleem speaks to us about the film.


Your first two films have been headed by Yash Raj. How does it feel to be a part of the biggest production house in India today with your first films?
You know what happens today when you come to Bombay, rather when an aspiring actor comes to Bombay, he knows he has just one film in his life. I also did the same but when you have your first films with the Yash Raj, you cannot just ask for anything more. As an actor, I would take this platform to thank Yash Raj for taking such good care of me and for looking after me so nicely the way they do. With my first two films under them, I can really assure you that they are the best production house in the country and the way they treat their actors… I am very happy being there with them. I am happier with the kind of films they make and the opportunities they provide to young talents like me. I am very thankful to God that I have been given this opportunity

You are brother to the very talented and creative Huma Qureshi. So is there any pressure to match up to her?
She is a fantastic actress and more than that. She is a very supportive sister one can ask for. It is because of her hard work that she has achieved whatever she has last year. And when you are family, you don’t really have this rat race or competition fuelling up within you and we have stuck to each other in every way we could. Plus every one has his or her own journey and there is no pressure in fact on any one of us. I act because I enjoy acting and it is a challenge for me and that is why I do it. It is not because my sister is an actor but it is because of my passion for acting that I am doing it. So there is no competition between me and my sister. We are a family and she is happy for me and I am happy for her.

How did MDKM come up?
Well after Friendship, I had been offered a lot of roles but I did not sign any of them since all the roles were quite similar to what I did in my debut. But then I was approached with this script which excited me. And hence, everything worked out from there!

What are you expecting from this film?
The first film is difficult but the second film is even more difficult since you have to balance your image from there onwards. And yes, I have done a lot of workshops for my dance, acting, performances before we were satisfied with the product. And I don’t understand numbers or the 100 crores, 50 crores! I want people to go watch the film with their popcorns and come out smiling!




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