Sanju Trailer featuring Ranbir Kapoor is here, or wait was it Sanjay Dutt? We are not sure who actually is in the film. The trailer starts with Ranbir Kapoor as Sanjay Dutt revealing how he’s happy as his autobiography. “Itna variety wala trailer aapko kahan se milega?”, yes, this is inspired by a dialogue and the promo is full of surprises.


Yes, Salman Khan’s Race 3 is there to buzz up the business in June but Sanju is arriving in the month end to make this period to remember. The real debate here is, whether or not it will be able to outgross Race 3 at the Indian box office.

So, here are five scenes from the trailer which are enough to prove why this time the content has every chance to surpass the star-power.

1. Journey Of A Drug Addict!

“At first because I was annoyed with my dad, the second instance happened because my mother was ill and by the third time, I was a drug addict,” says Sanju in the trailer. This is enough for us to realise how this is not a glorified biopic. Yes, some matter could still be hidden because of obvious reasons, but to come up with such sensitive issues need courage. Sitting high in a corner, staring at a name (Ruby) written over the smoke indicates how this will be an important phase of the film.

2. High On Destruction!


Sonam Kapoor’s character comes out roaring in anger asking for her ‘mangal-sutra’ and Sanju who’s high does something unimaginable. Now, we can’t say how much truth is there in this scene but the build-up to it could be an altogether different experience.

3. The Dark Life Of Jail!

We all are aware about Sanjay Dutt’s contrition journey in jail where he was arrested for 5 years for possessing illegal arms. The trailer showcases how he has been asked to agree to whatever been asked in court.

4. Tiger Hai Tu!

The best scene of the trailer when Sanjay Dutt has been asked how he is a Tiger and he has to roar his way back to life. After the hardships he faces in jail, this scene is a hospital as Sukhwinder’s song “Kar har maidan fateh!” (Conquer every field) fades in. This surely evokes goosebumps and given the calibre of Rajkumar Hirani we know how much impact this scene could have in the film.

5. Alvida Dad!

Last, but not the least, the demise of legend Sunil Dutt sahab. There is just a glimpse of it shown in the trailer but we are sure Ranbir Kapoor would have felt Sanjay Dutt’s pain to emote this scene.




  1. I wish it earns much much more than that stupid joke which is not even a film.but still bhaitards dekhne jayenge race 3.


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