Sanju has become a huge success at the box office. The movie has been winning hearts since it’s release. Ranbir Kapoor and Sanju Baba’s fans have been promoting the movie continuously, people have loved the movie so much that they have watched it 2-3 times too.

Well, if you also loved the movie we are sure you haven’t noticed few flaws that the movie had. Well, we are not criticizing the movie but yeah it obviously had few glitches. If you haven’t watched the movie, DO NOT SCROLL DOWN. Let’ take a look at few of them.

Sanju: Even If You’ve Watched It Multiple Times We Bet You Didn’t Notice These 3 Errors!

1. If you notice carefully, the first sequence shows Sanjay Dutt at home listening to his biography written by D.N Tripathi while the Supreme Court declares that he is going to jail. Well, if you think about it, if there is a court hearing going on, morally he has to be present at the court. Its weird to see that Sanjay Dutt hearing his verdict on TV, that is slightly funny!

2. Oh you would definitely agree with this one, if you remember, Sanju has beaten up Zubin because he always gave Sanju drugs but never snorted himself. He decodes the fact that Zubin always ate glucose powder and made Sanju a druggie by giving him drugs. Well, before the start of the song Main Badhiya, Tu Bhi Badhiya, Zubin opens a packet of powder and both of them snort it. Umm, so technically Zubin took that too?

3. The is one of the biggest thing that we missed, when Anushka Sharma AKA Winnie visits Sanju’s house for the first time, she accuses him of being a terrorist and says that she will not write his biography. Sanju asks for an hour to explain his story and says that he will convince her. Okay so, if you recall, that one hour he only speaks about his early life where he got addicted to drugs. How the hell can that convince Winnie that he is not a terrorist? Did she got drowned in the emotions like we did?

A person wouldn’t notice all these details in the movie but every credit to Rajkumar Hirani to hide all this under the layer of overwhelming emotions. Well, the movie was definitely commendable and we hope many more people go and enjoy it!

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  1. regarding the first . no accused is required to be present in a appeal court as no trial is conducted. only the lawyers are required to attend to argue the case


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