Sanjay Dutt, or Baba, as I know him, is a very emotional person. He may seem like a rash guy, but deep down, in his heart, he is a very sentimental guy who can do anything for a friend. If you are his friend, he will not hesitate in doing the most difficult of things for you. Of course, you should just be a person whom he loves… then he will never give no for an answer.

Sanjay Dutt: Certainly Not A Rascal (Sanjay Dutt Movies)

The Director’s Actor

As an actor Sanjay’s the kind who will do films where he can trust the director completely. In fact, he likes to submit himself totally to the director. It’s probably his fear that “Let me not do what I think is right, let me do what the director thinks is right,” which makes him surrender himself completely to the director. Directors who work with him find him a delight because he listens to them cent percent.

However, the flip side of Sanjay Dutt’s affable personality is that you can influence him easily. He is very innocent and often can fall for his friends’ words.

Away From The Limelight

And just like his Rascals co-star Ajay Devgan, Sanjay Dutt also used to be very media shy. He is a man of the mass but is still shy of promoting his films. Probably, it is his nature which makes him uncomfortable while praising his own work. But today, Sanjay has realised that marketing a film is as important as making it, especially if he is also the producer of the film, which is the case with Rascals.

Destiny’s Hero

One can’t say that Sanjay Dutt has handled his career in the best way. Some of his blockbusters, like Munnabhai MBBS, have not been his conscious choices as much as they have fallen into his lap. But Sanjay has done a brilliant job at comedies, proving that he is as easy with comedy as with maar-dhad.

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