It was an important day for Salman Khan and his fans as it was a judgement day in his most talked about Hit and Run case of 2002 that has been under the legal process for over a decade now.


After we reported that the actor was found guilty and convicted on all charges presented by the prosecution, the Mumbai sessions court also declared its verdict, sentencing Khan to a 5 year jail term and a 25,000 fine.

Salman Khan at session court in mumbai for hit and run case
Salman Khan at session court in mumbai for hit and run case

The actor will be taken to the Arthur road jail and cannot be granted bail unless Khan’s family approach the High court.

The actor is surrounded by some family and his litigation team as he awaits his court order, which will enable his lawyers to appeal for bail at the Bombay High Court within this week.

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  1. We all love u salman sir and wish u to always be there our good wishes will always be with u inshallah every thing will be alright may allah bless u

  2. Jiggar gaya tail lene!! If you do crime, you gonna do the time. Simple. It’s not always about being human. It’s also about the responsibilities of being human :)


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