Salman Khan Off To US For Trigeminal NeuralgiaFor all the rumours about Salman Khan undergoing an angiography, looks like there was no smoke without a fire. While Salman’s heart is hale and hearty, it’s his handsome face that’s causing him trouble. According to reports, Salman is suffering from Trigeminal Neuralgia, which leaves him with unbearable pain in the head, jaws and cheek.

Though Salman is in the middle of promoting his upcoming film Bodyguard, the actor is said to have taken some time off and will leave for the US to seek treatment for his condition. The disease, also incidentally known as “the suicide disease”, has left Salman with a hoarse voice.


Though Salman has been living with the pain since quite some years now (it’s said to have started on the sets of the film Partner in 2007), it’s now, when the pain has got unbearable, that he has finally decided to seek expert help.

Our best wishes and prayers for Salman’s good health.



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