Much has been recently spoken about Salman Khan’s cases and often incorrectly reported which was the cue for the actor to go launch a website compiling the details of his ongoing case so that the media doesn’t report incorrectly on it. Intending to wipe off rumors against his infamous 2002 hit and run case which is currently in court, has landed up fresh troubles for the actor.

Salman Khan
Salman Khan


Social activist Hemant Patil has seen this as Contempt of Court and filed an official complaint against the actor. Since the case is still pending in verdict, this can easily be viewed as a way of evoking public sympathy against the proceedings of court by letting out important details of the case.

The case has been escalated as Khan will now be tried for the charges of culpable homicide as opposed to his previous charge of Death by Negligence.

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  1. Hadd hai yaar Salman Khan kuch v kare toh wo kaanoon ke khilaaf hai. Kya kaanoon k pass aur koi dussra kaam nhi h jaake original crimnals ko pakade or usse saja de.


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