The runaway success of Dabangg seems to have changed Salman Khan. The actor who used to squirm at the mention of the word ‘promotion’, has now become so conscious of marketing his films that he takes great interest in the promotional campaigns of all his films. For the photo shooting of his Ready, Salman gave not just one day but volunteered to come the following day too when the photographer couldn’t complete the shooting in a day. Compare this with the time when Salman would want to run away from photo shootings.

Salman Khan Ready
Salman Khan: Then and now. From publicity-wary to publicity-conscious.


In recent times, this Khan has heavily promoted Dabangg and, before that, Wanted too. Happy with the box-office performance of both the films, Salman Khan must’ve realised the importance of promotion. Better late than never!

Ready, Starring Salman Khan and Asin, is scheduled to release on 3rd June, 2011. The film is a comedy directed by Anees Bazmee.




  1. Salman looks so much healthier with less weight. You still need to lose five more pounds Salman and tone your face muscled. Stop drinking alcohol an smoking cigarettes or drugs. Eat healthy foods…lots of romaine letuce, fruits and vegetables. HEALTH IS WEALTH! A healthy body, mind and soul is worth more that all earthly gold.

    I wish you great success in your new film…and please don’t get upset and angry with journalists….smile….smile… and SMILE! A beautiful smile is worth a thousand words! You have a beautiful heart Salman Khan, open your heart and smile. Radiate the Light from your Heart inside to the world outside and smile. :)

    God Bless you Salman!
    OM Shri Ganest OM….!


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