Salman Khan, Salim Khan

In an industry, which is known to be short on honest dealings, Salim Khan comes across as a rare breed. Salman Khan’s father has a spotless reputation as far as his financial dealings are concerned. At the time of release of his son’s Wanted, the film’s producer, Boney Kapoor, was in a bit of a financial crunch. And Salim Khan was quick to come to Kapoor’s rescue by giving him a hand loan of a crore of rupees. Salim was also distributing Wanted in C.I. circuit. When some overflow amount became due to Boney Kapoor from C.I., Salim forthwith sent him a cheque for the same. Any other distributor would’ve asked Boney to adjust the overflow amount from what he (Boney) owed him (the distributor). But Salim Khan never did that. Even while Boney had not repaid the hand loan, Salim made sure that his cheque of overflow reached Boney exactly when it was due to him. On his part, Boney returned the borrowed amount to Salim Khan as soon as he had the funds.

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