On one hand, you wake up to Saif Ali Khan making a ballsy move of poking fun of himself and on the other hand you are whole heartedly hoping for Happy Ending to be one smashing film. Nawaab Sahab’s choice of films are different. Brilliant or not, I still stand by the first feeling I underwent after Agent Vinod – ‘It could have been a great and wish they made a sassy sequel of it”.


Ask Saif and very modestly denies his contribution in a script. He, very plainly states, “Yes, I might have a taste for different genres but I am not a film writer. Eventually if a writer narrates to me a script I like, great. We as producers can only attempt or put the effort in choosing such films.”

Saif Ali Khan
Saif Ali Khan

But, even as producer, he and Dinesh have never backed crappy films. Probably the exposure of good cinema saved him from falling prey to commercial ways. He agrees, “Being exposed to wide range of cinema has helped me delve my sensibilities into my products. I can’t be somebody else. I can’t start loving something that I haven’t so far. I will be the person, I have been so far. I can only try and work with newer people, fresher talent. I can try and change a little bit. We are all victims of our own mind. We will choose what we like. There are so many different kind of films made today, that is quite wide. When Aditya Chopra started a trend, it was a niche idea of a multiplex hero but now it’s a big slot. If one can be true to that, then it’s an up for me. There should be something more artistic, cinematic, some nice movies. Like how Parineeta and Omkara were. I intend and strive to be that kind of an actor. That year was a great year. There was Parineeta, Salaam Namaste and Omkara, and all three were well done yet different from each other. It’s not like I can’t do those films. There is something in the dignity in a certain character called Shekhar, in a Bengali milieu, it does suit me. When an urban character in LA that does suit me and a villager like Langda Tyagi is never going to happen again, so you shouldn’t try. The point is it is not the only thing but it is a comfortable thing.”

Saif never works with an independent producer. Even if he did in past, it is sparse now. Saif doesn’t see anything wrong with it. Coming from a very worldly wise space, he thoughtfully noted, “Banners are usually the people who know best how to make a film. Some people have money and they don’t know how to make a film. The films that run are the films that are well produced. It has to be the script that attracts me more. The feeling comes from the whole atmosphere, the script, the producer. The idea has to be nice and then you have to get the gut feeling that they will make it well. Exceptions exist, sometimes a lot of things go ahead and stink.​”

Happy Ending is all set to hit theaters tomorrow and is definitely one of the year’s most bright and peppy romantic comedies definitely.

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