This may seem a little unreal but is happening indeed. Saif Ali Khan is clashing with Karan Johar at the box office. Now if it would have happened once, it could well have been a mere coincidence. However the fact that it is happening twice in a span of six months is a little too much to digest.

“Well, this is indeed true. Come 5th April and Saif’s Go Goa Gone would be releasing alongside Karan Johar’s Gippi. Then exactly five months later on 6th September his Bullett Raja could clash with Ungli,” informs an insider.

Saif Ali Khan and Karan Johar
Saif Ali Khan and Karan Johar

Considering the fact that Karan shares a warm relationship with both Saif as well as Kareena, one wonders whether they missed out on exchanging notes before deciding to release plans for their films.

“These are important films. Go Goa Gone may not have Saif Ali Khan as the main lead but he has an integral part to play in this zombie affair. On the other hand Gippi is very close to Karan’s heart since it is his first children’s film,” the insider adds, “Though Bullett Raja and Ungli are quite far away, Saif and Karan can work it out to avoid coming in each other’s way. After all, Ungli has names like Sanjay Dutt and Emraan Hashmi involved who are biggies in their own right.”

Hopefully both men would talk it out amongst themselves instead of coming in each other’s way. The million dollar question though is that in a crowded season ahead, who would be willing to sacrifice his release plans? Well, watch this space.

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