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Cast: Riya Vij, Divya Dutta, Doorva Tripathi, Arbaz Kadwani, Jayati Modi, Taaha Shah

Writer/Director: Sonam Nair

Producer/s: Hiroo Yash Johar, Karan Johar

Music Director: Vishal & Shekhar

Plot: Gippi is a 14-year-old girl who lives in Simla with her mother Pappi and little brother Booboo. She is overweight and awkward and doesn’t know how to handle the physical, emotional and social changes happening in her life. In school, she is a backbencher and is constantly bullied by the popular queen-bee Shamira. At home, she’s trying to figure out how to deal with living in a broken home. In the middle of all this chaos, she falls madly in love with an older, brooding heartbreaker. When her love story comes to a humiliating end, and she is publicly scorned, she decides to take her life in her hands and accepts Shamira’s challenge to stand against her in the school elections.

Whatever the final outcome might be, Gippi makes sure she has a great time in the journey, filling it with delicious desserts, funny teachers, school crushes, and Shammi Kapoor dances. Gippi is a coming-of-age story of an ordinary, overweight girl, who, through the course of the film, learns to love herself for exactly who she is. It is also a tale of an underdog, who picks herself up from nothing and finds herself at the top of her own little world.

gippi Review
Gippi Movie Poster
Gippi Movie Poster

Rating: 2.5/5 stars (Two And Half Stars)

Star cast: Riya Vij, Divya Dutta, Arbaz Kadwani, Jayati Modi, Taaha Shah

Director: Sonam Nair

What’s Good: A luscious candy floss film with its pink milieu that paints a heart warming storyline.

What’s Bad: It is a cacophony of clichés that outcharms the film’s honesty.

Loo break: None.

Watch or Not?: Gippi is an irresistibly penned fairy tale that has the only stilted flaw of working on clichés. For most part it is feel-good, except its dragging hackneyed bits that butcher the delightful impression that it manages. Clubbing adolescent antics along with the transformation of Gippi into a fashionista translates on screen some despicable stereotypes. The captivation penchant gives this film the confidence to follow into independent new-age genre of cinema. A steady, heart churning story with Riya Vij winning convincingly as the film’s most entrancing element makes it an exceedingly watchable film for teenagers.

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The unconfident, plump teenage girl Gippi is dealing with regular issues of growing chest size, bordering menstruation, and lack of popularity at school, a high school bitch and a nonexistent love life. Quaintly satiated, the girl lives with her brother Booboo and single mother. Added to the age specific problems, she is dealing with her father’s impending marriage to a foreigner. Disheartened by lover, denounced by friends, unpopular and insanely stupid, Gippi takes life in her own hands by standing against arch rival at the school elections! So does Gippi win over her own demons and reign victorious?

Riya Vij And Divya Dutta In Gippi Movie Stills
Riya Vij And Divya Dutta In Gippi Movie Stills

Gippi Review: Script Analysis

The film has its ample share of phenomenal magical quotient. Adding swampy details of American sitcom ideas, the film’s metronome does seem pleasing as it gets back a blast from the past for most women. Pointing out bra and period issues, the film uncurbed-ly illustrates the detailed pains of adolescent life. I can safely assume men won’t prefer this film. Restricting themselves in their happy bubble, relevant girl issues that this film deals with doesn’t cater to their sensibilities. Script wise, the plot’s USPs is its straight from the heart narrative and overwhelming honesty that retains an arresting impression. A lot of its unnecessary tracks could have been avoided, as it seemed really pointless. The sappy family discordance between Divya Dutta and Pankaj Dheer was eerie and did not knot up neatly however.

Gippi Review: Star Performances

Riya Vij paints an unbridled and plausible picture of the character she depicts. Having her teeth gritted deeply in the skin of the character, she easily matches up to the skill of co-actress Divya Dutta. Her work is utmost effortless and she is the film’s wonder girl.

Arbaz as Gippi’s brother is persuasively brilliant. With Vij overshadowing all characters with her author backed role, Arbaz’s stint is indeed memorable.

Divya Dutta with her striking prowess stays detached from the main characters, so as to not overpower the celluloid with her pristine presence.

Jayati Modi, as the film’s antagonist plays her role with evil perfection and is believable as the character she depicts.

Gippi Review: Direction, Music & Technical Aspects

Director Sonam Nair who has previously assisted Ayan Mukherji on Wake Up Sid and Vishal Bharadwaj acquires authority at the helm this time. She is a prolific scriptwriter who scrapes through a veritable narrative instigating tranquil performances out of absolute novices.

The situational music of the film is above average but it is the rehashing of classic songs that builds up the background music’s fiendish appeal.

The film doesn’t use its cinematography well by completely lagging to use the rugged terrains of North Indian hills aptly. An unwrinkled flow of the film is what reckons applause for debutant director Sonam.

Gippi Review: The Last Word

Gippi instilled in its stereotypical clichéd format, is still a pleasantly surprising venture on celluloid. Made with great sensitivity, it is a tender story of adolescent age. There are minor hiccups in the plot; but Riya Vij’s immaculate work, in a story that is Bollywood’s answer to Meg Cabot’s Princess Diaries, is commendable. There isn’t anything pristine in the film, but it evokes a sense of nostalgia that embeds with its story to leave a salient impact. I am going for a 2.5/5 for Sonam Nair’s Gippi. It deserves a view for Nair’s sincerity and Vij’s effervescent screen presence!

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Gippi released on 10th May, 2013.

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