Saif Ali Khan claims that the thing that drew him best towards Happy Ending was his character. With tinges of Bertie Wooster and the look of Richard Castle, the film’s brilliant trailer picked on very well despite a story that isn’t exactly the epitome of novel. Saif knows why and that’s what he placed his bets on.


He explains, “In a comedy like Happy Ending, you enjoy a character and his problems more. they are never too drastic problems, doesn’t take themselves too seriously. He is a writer from Los Angeles. He has a good life, a lazy guy. Most of his problems are in his mind. His predicaments are never so serious. They are fun problems, you’ll enjoy watching his life. There is a little vulnerability to the character which is different for the romantic comedy space. He has run out of money, losing his position at work to a girl he later falls in love with. The second me in the film is more of the guy’s alter ego. It’s mostly in his mind. They have different rhythms of talking and expression, of course a lot of scenes were done with the two of them. But while we were shooting, it was just me playing both parts. But the scene came out very interesting, because of the dialogue between two people. I am two different people in the same scene.”

Saif Ali Khan at an event
Saif Ali Khan at an event

He even finds himself on the same page with Yudi. He is obviously a lot more matured and beyond the commitment-phobic space his character is stuck in but their lives are similar. Saif admits, “There is a similarity between Yudi and Me. We are both very lucky. Nothing really that bad as happened. The problems aren’t very serious. These kind of films are bit like P.G Wodehouse characters – rich guy, living alone, not got any boring domestic issues. He is quite relaxed, nice house, nice car. I don’t like to take things too seriously.”

This isn’t the first time Saif is collaborating with Raj and DK. In the words of the crackling director duo, they have done one and a half films with Saif before. Saif loves the humor connect he shares with them. He said, “There is a certain connect with Raj and DK. That’s the kind of people we are. It’s not because of Go Goa Gone, it’s just that our sense of humor is on the same page. We are also not very mainstream but the humor is. They are smart guys and when they write something and I act it, something matches there. It doesn’t look forced.”

Saif is all set to come out of his Humshakals fiasco and indeed Happy Ending if is half as good as it seems, it will be redemption enough!

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